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Maintaining Equanimity E-mail

 September 15, 2009



I recently had a difficult situation that was volatile. I pondered what to do and how to handle it – I thought about getting revenge on the person, I thought about ways I could inflict the same emotions on that person. But then I stopped and realized that I was taking the entire situation too personally. I remembered that when people are acting out or behaving irrationally, the behavior is about them and something lacking in their lives.

This is why The Four Agreements instructed us to not take things personally. A person’s choices and behavior usually have more to do with them than they do us.


In reflecting on the situation, I realized that I almost allowed the opposing party and the situation to steal something very precious to me: MY PEACE!!!! How often have you allowed a person or situation to swoop in and steal your joy and your peace? It’s easy to be caught up in the current of another person’s negative energy if we aren’t careful.


Have you ever had someone or something take you completely out of your zone? Maybe you were busy working and got completely thrown off or perhaps you were having a great day and something “ruined it” for you. People and situations only have as much power as we give them. When you decide that nothing will get in the way of your happiness, it will be impossible for anything to disturb your equanimity. This obviously requires taking personal responsibility and accepting that life is not about what happens to you but how you respond to it.


This week, I’m encouraging you to make peace a mainstay in your life. Guard your peace at all costs – it’s difficult at best to be creative, happy, and fulfilled when focusing on an undesirable circumstance. So be certain to guard your happiness and peace fiercely and remove anything that threatens them.


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