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smart womanWe all know how much we hate the dreaded visit from Aunt Ruby, Aunt Flo and Miss Polka Dot. From pads, tampons and even cups we have  found ways to cope, adjust and deal with the unpleasant flow.

But are any of these methods really safe and do we know the long term effects on our health? Do we really know the materials that we are trusting and putting in our most precious regions ? Sure there are many brands that we have tried them all  at one time or another, but are any of them superior? Can they guarantee our health and long term safety?

We recently found out about such a brand that deserves mentioning.

Created from proven, patented technology and safe natural ingredients, the Love Moon Anion Sanitary Napkins ( ) help to care for women during their menstrual cycle.  With its 7 layers of protection and the power of Anion technology, the Love Moon Sanitary Napkins offer dry, breathable and superior comfort during those times of the month.


Winalite International has researched and developed a revolutionary new product to safely and effectively meet the sanitary needs of women in the most hygienic way.

When it comes to meeting the wishes for women’s peace of mind, quality and hygiene, Winalite International comes up with a product that not only meets their sanitary needs, but goes above and beyond with additional benefits including the additional Anion enhancements.

The Love Moon Anion Sanitary Napkins ( )were developed using the strictest manufacturing standards available.  Thorough hygienic testing is conducted to insure that every pad is hypo-allergenic.  Every pad is machine packed, sealed in the production line and has never been touched by human hands.  This hands-free process enhances safety and sanitation.

Unique to the Love Moon Anion Sanitary Napkin is the “7 Layers of Protections” it provides. 


 Years of research by Winalite International scientists went in to the creation of the Love Moon Anion Sanitary Napkins and its patented Anion strip. 

How is this amazing?

The Anion strip is activated by moisture or friction from wearing the pads.  The strip then emits the Anions into the air – releasing between 5800-6000 anions per centimeter which effectively helps to inhibit the survival and grown of bacteria and viruses. 

This helps women by suppressing the survival and multiplication of bacteria, eliminating odor and promoting comfort during menstruation.

Watch this great video demonstration to see why we are raving about this.




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