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Priteva Ultra Charge Hair Formula promotes healthy hair growth E-mail


Washington DC, March 13, 2010/ Priteva Ultra Charge Hair Formula is   formulated to nourish hair with vital nutrition. "A woman’s hair is her crowning  glory  and having a head full of healthy, long, and  nourished hair makes her  an envious sight"  states  the founder  and creator.

With organic herbs, DHT blockers, and hair growth nutrients, Priteva Ultra Charge Hair Formula (  has been carefully formulated to help each individual maximize  their  hair growth potential. The system includes three components  that can be  purchased as a unit  or separately:  Nourishment  Hair vitamins , Nourishment Scalp therapy and cleansing rinse.

Priteva Ultra Charge Hair Formula  vitamins are specially formulated with growth stimulating herbals that provides a potent dose of hair nutrition for optimal growth. With a high  concentration of  vital nutrition, and organic herbs, stronger hair that is visibly longer and thicker will result from usage. 

Nourishment  Scalp Therapy has a unique formula that nourishes hair and scalp with essential amino acids needed for optimal growth and retention. The Scalp Therapy is formulated to help  maximize  an individual’s  hair growth potential while leaving hair stronger and well moisturized. 

 Nourishment Cleansing Rinse gently cleanses the scalp of buildup  while creating an optimal environment for growth.

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