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A Bird’s Eye View on Wedding Dresses: 10 Tips to look Fabulous from a veteran photographer E-mail

Header ImageClarksville, MD ( - The Wedding dress is one of the most important details of the day. Everyone wonders “What is the bride wearing”? “What is she going to look like”?   “ How much did she spend on her gown”?

As a veteran photographer and owner of Morningstar Photography ( I have seen hundreds of wedding dresses and I feel compelled  to give some thoughts and advice that I hope will be considered regarding this most photographed item on the wedding day.

  1. Let’s start with that trip to the bridal salon, I recently spoke at a seminar and mentioned that mothers are probably not the best person for the bride to take when shopping for her wedding gown unless mom is a fashion icon and she knows a lot about wedding dresses. I felt like that woman in the bible who had just been caught in the act of adultery, I really thought I was going to be stoned to death, as a few of the mothers in that room were more than a little annoyed with me.

    My simple point was that mothers are often driven by emotions, this after all is their baby getting married and they may be a bit overwhelmed by all of the details involved in selecting the one item apart from the food that will be talked about the most. The wedding dress often reflects the family status and some place more importance on it then the actual marriage.

    Maybe your mom didn’t have the wedding of her dreams but wants that for you; it is only natural that she will be a touch emotional, mom may not see that her daughter may spend the big day looking like a gigantic wedding cake, or a throw back from the Victorian era  stage for this big day.

    Additionally the bride is often under enormous pressure to make others happy and may not have the intestinal fortitude it takes to stand up to mom and say I don’t want this, especially if mom and dad are shelling out any of the money for the wedding.
  2. You must consider your height, weight, complexion, hair & eye coloring when you make this significant purchase. Obviously not every dress looks great on every one Would your body type look great in a strapless dress or a ball gown?  Would your skin coloring favor white, ivory or eggshell or another color?  Do you like beading if so how much?  What about lace? What about the fabric? Chiffon or satin? What fabric works best for you? Trying on several different styles of wedding gowns, made by a variety of manufacturers can give you a great sense of what is available in the market place.
  3. You may have to make alterations make sure to ask the bridal salon what they can and cannot do. You must be precise and specific about what must be done to avoid very costly mistakes especially in the area of alterations. Brides go alone, or take a very trusted friend not the whole crew of screaming girlfriends with you to the bridal salon.
  4. You may also keep in mind that loved ones and friends won’t want to hurt your feelings about how you look as you try on your wedding gown.
  5. You may also keep in mind that loved ones and friends won’t want to hurt your feelings about how you look as you try on your wedding gown. A quick note most salons have a sales staff that will give good advice but keep in mind that the salon is in business to make money.
  6. Don’t make the decision in a hurry; don’t buy the first thing you try on, and for heaven’s sake don’t just try on one dress. When selecting your wedding dress also consider the season of your wedding. A sleeveless dress in February in Aspen probably won’t cut it, so don’t forget the time and season of the year. Best wishes on finding the dress that best represents who you are on that all important day.
  7. Go to the shop when you’re rested.
  8. Go when the shop is slow, take a day off work if necessary, Friday evenings and Saturdays are almost always busy and you may not get the kind of service you require.
  9. Please have the right undergarments when you go, most shops have the proper bras but it would be worth the investment for you to buy one for the purpose of trying on gowns.
  10. Once you make the decision on the dress come prepared to put a deposit on the gown.

Other Points for Great Wedding Day Photos:

  • Rest the night before the wedding; puffy eyes show in photos
  • Get a great makeup artist
  • Get something to eat; a hungry bride is not a happy bride
  • Hire a wedding planner at least for the day of, stress really does show in photos
  • Relax and have a great day!

This article provided by Carla Rein of MorningStar Photography to reach MorningStar visit


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