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Priteva Ultra Charge Hair Formula Promotes for Healthy Hair E-mail
Short, dry, brittle, and damaged hair  can be attributed to  rough or damaging hair care practices,  improper products and poor diet.

Bethesda, MD (June 19, 2012)- To address the growing need of women seeking effective hair care aids for longer and stronger hair growth, Alamat Labs  introduces Priteva Ultra Charge Hair Formula ." Although hair is considered technically dead, the scalp isn’t, and proper nourishment from food and vitamins will ensure that you are getting all the nutrients that you need to grow longer hair" states the company representative. Diet plays such an important role in hair health and length. Fruits, vegetables, nuts and proteins can give you the vital nutrition that you need for healthy hair and growth. Protein is very vital and should be regularly consumed. Whether from a plant or animal, protein is a key ingredient in healthy hair growth 

Vitamins are very important for not just the growth of hair but for overall health. Supplements such as Biotin, can be very beneficial for growing longer hair. Supplements often provide the nutrients and minerals that may not be obtained through diet. Many of us living in the western world eat foods today that are missing the nutritional content that they had many years ago due to poor soil, and other production and manufacturing practices. To supplement our diets, we have to seek outside sources. We would like to recommend Priteva Ultra ChargeHair Formula,to help men and women reach their desired hair goals.

Grow your hair to its maximum with this nutrient rich vitamin.

 Helps Promote longer, thicker hair .
 See Results in 30 days
 Maximizes Hair Growth Potential
Fortified With Organic Herbs, Aloe Vera, DHT Blockers and vital nutrition for healthy growth.


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