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September 2016

Friday 30 September 2016

Priteva Hair Formula Promotes longer, thicker, healthier hair growth Email


Washington DC, --- "A woman’s hair is her crowning  glory and having a head full of healthy, long, and nourished hair is a beautiful sight. 

With organic herbs, DHT blockers, and hair growth nutrients, Priteva Hair Formula (  has been carefully formulated to help each individual maximize their hair growth potential. 

Priteva Healthy Hair Formula  vitamins are specially formulated with growth stimulating herbals that provides a potent dose of hair nutrition for optimal growth. With a high  concentration of  vital nutrition, and organic herbs, stronger hair that is visibly longer and thicker will result from usage. 

Nourishment  Scalp Therapy has a unique formula that nourishes hair and scalp with essential amino acids needed for optimal growth and retention. The Scalp Therapy is formulated to help  maximize  an individual’s  hair growth potential while leaving hair stronger and well moisturized. 

 Nourishment Cleansing Rinse gently cleanses the scalp of buildup  while creating an optimal environment for growth. Priteva  Hair Formula is  formulated to nourish hair with vital nutrition. 

Priteva is available at and


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Monday 19 September 2016

Tekay Designs brings rich textures to brides everywhere Email

Houston, Texas -Upholding such high expectations is challenging, yet can be found in the crafty hands of a soft-spoken dress designer working in Houston, Texas. TeKay Designs by Kimma Wreh is committed to serving brides who's dreams command that symbolism, prosperity, heritage, and culture be packaged and delivered in a collection of garments. Kimma has been designing ethnic formal wear and bridal gowns for over fifteen years. "I'm approached by more and more brides who want to return to their roots to feel connected to their heritage" explains Kimma. "I began designing ethnic fashions because I received such a warm reception in the US by people complimenting the dresses I had created for myself. I've traveled throughout the world from Latin-America to India and in various African countries. I admire the creativity of the local artist. I've always been inspired by the craftsmanship of the local artists when traveling back to my country of Liberia. I realized that the hand-made work the people were doing was so well crafted, that I was moved. So, in 1996, I began my business to produce authentic ethnic fashions for brides in the western world.  I not only design the gowns, I create a complete set of ladies dresses and formal menswear tailored for the bridal party! I employ handmade construction by African artists to produce authentic African-inspired and ethnic bridal and formal attire.

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Thursday 01 September 2016

Sensheant Magazine: A Conversation About Women’s Sexuality now available on Amazon! Email

New York, NY – Sensheant Magazine is causing a vibration in the wellness wire, turning media attention to women’s sexual fulfillment, health and femme empowerment through its lush, print and digital publication. This gorgeous, content-rich, first-of-its-kind magazine features wisdom and resources from leaders in the sexual health and wellness world, as well as stories shared by women from all walks of life.

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