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Alvin Merritt is making money from V-mail and He Wants to Show you how E-mail

Cleveland, OH ( Trying to choose a profitable  home base business can be hard.

For Alvin Merrit, the choice came very easily. He wanted the right product that appealed to people from all walks of life and offered longevity now and in the future.

For those that want to be a part of a booming business and are interested in a easy,  fun, workable, successful, technology focused home based business; there is only one clear winner:  VMDirect Independent Affiliate.

Mr. Merritt is not a wordy man, but he knows how to get the message across.

No more boring dry e-mails. No more wondering if your e-mail will be perceived wrong, if you worded it wrong, or if the tone is not what you wanted to  portray.

"I want to help you send the right e-mail each and every time. A V-mail is worth a thousand pictures. This is what everyone should be sending, states  Alvin Merritt, the Columbus, Ohio based VMDirect Independent Affiliate who has been part  of the booming business, and has reaped financial rewards from his participation in the program.

As a VMDirect Independent Affiliate, Alvin wants help you make money while sending exciting and fun V-mails that help capture every facial expression, and  give you the power of television with every V-mail.

"You have to see it, to believe it, it even amazes me how easy it is to use and I am not very technologically savvy" states Merrit.

Video e-mails are all the rage and Alvin has built a business model around the premise of better communication and meeting personal financial goals. As an independent affiliate he is  able to provide a product that is top of the line and provide a business opportunity of the decade

The opportunity that Alvin speaks of is one where VMDirect  Affiliates have the ability to help people  profit from the digital industry. They can open their own free, fully functional web-based business and receive a percentage of sales based on a proven system  and their networking abilities. Affiliates are able to earn considerable income from sales of VMDirect.

"If you love to network and connect with people, and want to represent an amazing product, then you need to be in this business. Technology  is changing everyday and everyone uses digital products in one form or another. Why not get paid providing something that people want and need".

To encourage sales, get people started and promote their brand, the  company offers a free trial period where a person can send exciting,  digital V-mails . With digital V-mails, you can literally put a face and voice to every V-mail.

"Not only are we are able to share the opportunity with our family, friends and others, we are able to reach our financial goals with it" states Merrit.



Alvin Merritt
VM Direct Independent Affiliate
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