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For college bound students, loan and scholarship information and insight can never come too early. Many financial aid advisors and counselors say that you should begin applying for money for college as early as your sophomore year in high school.

There are a number of reputable sources offering, among other services, a free loan/scholarship search tool.

Loan information from College Loan Corp., FAFSA advice, and info on choosing the best package are just a few of the additional topics addressed on

Of the great concerns faced by the college bound, loan repayment may be first and foremost. Horror stories about punitive interest rates and doggedly determined collectors abound, but a little careful planning and, especially, knowing your rights and responsibilities can go a long way toward keeping you out of uncomfortable future financial situations. Experts advise you fully understand the different types of loans and carefully examine each financial aid package you've been offered before accepting one. 

Financial aid guide for 2011-2012. FAFSA and Pell grant information, comparing private loan lenders, free calculators for planning and repayment, and cheap textbook company reviews.

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