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Sensheant Magazine: A Conversation About Women’s Sexuality now available on Amazon! E-mail

New York, NY – Sensheant Magazine is causing a vibration in the wellness wire, turning media attention to women’s sexual fulfillment, health and femme empowerment through its lush, print and digital publication. This gorgeous, content-rich, first-of-its-kind magazine features wisdom and resources from leaders in the sexual health and wellness world, as well as stories shared by women from all walks of life.

In a culture where sexuality is the subject of both obsession and repression, the opportunity for women from ages 18 to 108 to discover and experience sexuality in ways that are supportive and fulfilling is too often lost in the stigmatized paradigm of our polarized sexual climate. What’s more, the inherent value of sexuality as the very cornerstone of women’s wellness, vitality and power has been overlooked. As Ms. Spence explains: “there is this whole world of porn to compliment men’s desires. Finally, women have a lifestyle magazine that explores women’s desire. Basically, we are the antidote to the other women’s magazines out there whose focus is on beauty and sexuality for attainment – not their own sexual fulfillment. We feature provocative interviews, debunk myths and taboos, and offer original erotica and humor pieces. This isn’t a ‘fringe’ or ‘specialty’ publication: the Fifty Shades of Gray frenzy proves that women seek a readership community that frankly and boldly discusses sex and sexuality. Cover to cover, there’s something for every woman.

Never before has a publication taken such a bold stand to have sexuality come alive as a beautiful, powerful and vital part of women’s daily lives. Taking to task issues that were formally only discussed (if at all) in the bedroom, Sensheant Magazine is for the ‘everywoman’ who senses the inscrutable ‘more’ that resides within and that mainstream media won’t touch. Rebecca Church, founder and publisher, defines women’s sexuality with the broad strokes it requires: “It’s a mosaic, and every woman – her experiences, her story of it – holds one piece of the full picture. We can’t truly define what women’s sexuality is until we start putting these pieces together and take a step back to see what image emerges. And so, through this conversation we women have a chance to collectively inform the world about who we are as sexual beings, instead of being told who we are.”

Issue Two stories include “Use it or Lose it: Sex After 50”; “Sex Toy Safety”; “Wise Woman Breast Health”; “Are Yogis are Better Lovers?” and “A Motion for Masturbation.” Every Sensheant issue features an Erotica section, a Sexpert Q&A and “Score!”, a guest DJ playlist to get women in the mood.

To download issue One, subscribe to future issues, access additional media, and stay abreast of Sensheant news and events, visit the website at, and be a part of the community by liking the Facebook page at Access Issue Two now at


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Publisher Rebecca Church 
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To make this magazine as accessible as possible, Sensheant left their boutique distributor to join

Creative Director Cynthia Spence 
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Managing Editor Vanessa Viglietta 
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wrapping when they had expected its arrival to be discreet. We want the Sensheant experience to be and ease. Plus, Amazon supports Sensheant’s mission in ways smaller outlets can’t by enabling us to

reach demographics we wouldn’t reach otherwise”. 



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