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Washington DC, Dec. 12, 2011 / My mother used to always say that life begins at 50, and I am discovering that more and more every day. I find myself admiring her strength, accomplishments and sense of humor in dealing with the everyday nuances of life.

While musing on the web I came across a cute niche site that explorers those fabulous years. is where sense of humor and reality meet the road,  according to the site description. This wonderful site created by Lin Alvarez discusses real topics women care about with a sense of humor and humility.  With topics ranging from dating, work ,family, fashion and even menopause, this site is a pure delight to read !  But why 50?  and what makes this generation so special? Well, where do I start? This generation is special to me, and it feels like they  have been through it all!  Maybe they’ve raised children and now have grandchildren. Some  have even  taken over raising their own parents as they enter the final stage of their lives.  Maybe they are new divorcee's who find themselves entering the unchartered dating territory as a seasoned individual. Maybe their bosses are younger then their own children. Regardless of their experience, passion or standing, many find themselves living and working side-by-side with younger generations and doing it quite fabulously.

What I liked most about  is its honesty, humility and simplicity. It is quite refreshing to read such a blog that allows you to enter the lives of your sister, mom, or neighbor and realize just how much you all have in common.





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