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Why Women?


Women Make Key Purchasing Decisions

  • 76% of women identified themselves as the principal shoppers, according to one survey.
  • Women also play a large role in non-routine expenditures: Of the roughly$200 billion that will be spent at retail on CE products by consumers in 2007,$90 billion, or 45%, will be made by women at the checkout counter (either in person or online).
  • Women currently earn more bachelor’s (57.5%) and master’s degrees (60.0%) than men, and by 2016-2017, are projected to continue to grow their share to earn more degrees than men in bachelor’s (59.9%), master’s (62.9%), doctorate (55.5%), and first professional* (53.3%).


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  2. Mediamark Research, MRI’s Survey of the American Consumer (2002).
  3. CEA Market Research Study, The Truth About Women and Consumer Electronics (July 2007).


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