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Mission Statement

Help entrepreneurs and small business owners leverage the power of the internet to reach women globally through press release distribution.

About Us

WomenPR Wire was created to help entrepreneurs and small business owners distribute their company’s news to women’s media, customers and prospects.

We offer press release distribution to women focused newspapers, magazines, web based publications, and radio and television programs.

The company's database holds a comprehensive listing of women focused media outlets and we deliver our clients' press releases and electronic newsletters on a nationwide and international level.

Created by a self-published author, WomenPR Wire  began as a do-it-yourself  promotional  and marketing service for self-published authors . The service gave authors easy access to women focused media outlets, and allowed them to promote their literary work in a cost effective manner.

Today the company has distributed press releases for clients from various industries.

Why Women?

Women Make Key Purchasing Decisions

  • 76% of women identified themselves as the principal shoppers, according to one survey.
  • Women also play a large role in non-routine expenditures: Of the roughly$200 billion that will be spent at retail on CE products by consumers in 2007,$90 billion, or 45%, will be made by women at the checkout counter (either in person or online).
  • Women currently earn more bachelor’s (57.5%) and master’s degrees (60.0%) than men, and by 2016-2017, are projected to continue to grow their share to earn more degrees than men in bachelor’s (59.9%), master’s (62.9%), doctorate (55.5%), and first professional* (53.3%).


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